Vickie Fencl - Senior Account Executive

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Repair Network

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ARI repair shop capabilities are unsurpassed in offering the highest level of service in all aspects of railcar repair from major wreck rebuilding; light repairs on our fast track; modern environmental facilities; and over a century of paint and lining experience.

Our highly trained craftsmen backed by decades of expertise and state-of-the-art equipment provide the knowledge and skills that you demand.

ARI is committed to safety, quality and efficiency. These goals are focused throughout our operations to ensure your railcars are returned to service with a minimum of downtime.

ARI operates a number of mobile repair units and mini-shops within North America. Each is fully equipped to provide on-site inspection and repair services.

The button at the upper right corner of our home page provides a link to our secure website where you can find the current status of cars in an ARI shop, or billing repair card history.

Our sales staff will provide assistance in matching your requirements to our capabilities and can offer an array of project management solutions.